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Just another world...
This is the home page of "Mars", a new world for Pharo.

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What is Mars?
Mars is an MVC framework to build native UIs for mac, and is ALSO a world for Pharo, built an top of the MVC framework.
What is not Mars
Mars is not a full port of the Cocoa framework for Pharo.
What does it means?
You won't find all the functionality that Cocoa provides in Mars.
Then, what I can expect?
Mars wants to be a full implementations of an MVC-like framework, usable for build native applications for Macs.
Mars will start as a new world for Pharo, and will grow on demand -mainly mine demands, but suggestions are welcome ;)
What can I do with "Mars"?
You can use it, in replace of the current morph world, and you can build native cocoa applications with it, using Pharo.


LogoMars is MIT licensed. We hope Mars will contribute to Pharo comunity.

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